In the spring and summer of 1997, two American museums gave the world a view of the artistic career of Pablo Picasso that many had never seen before. In their joint exhibition, the National Gallery of Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts presented a look at the 152 paintings, drawings, and sculptures Picasso created as a beginning artist. Through the support of Verizon, Maryland Public Television (MPT) was able to bring students throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to the exhibition through an Electronic Fieldtrip. Students first met Picasso as an eleven-year-old with a talent for drawing, and watched him mature to a proud and confident artist on the cusp of his innovative work in cubism.

This web site was developed to support the video Looking at Picasso. The video presents a 20-minute capsulization of the Electronic Fieldtrip broadcast. It follows Picasso's art as he first mastered and then broke with the traditions of academic training in the arts, and presents a look at the significant works from this time as observed by the curator, conservationist, and arts educators who helped shape of this impressive exhibition.

Some hints:

    To read portions of interviews with the people responsible for the National Gallery of Art's exhibition, click on In Your Eyes.
    If you are an educator, and would like to see some suggestions about bringing Picasso into your classroom, click on Vantage Point.

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