There's a great deal of information about Picasso -- and copies of many of his works -- on the Internet. You can start your research by using your favorite search engine and looking for sites connected with -- or follow some of these links to find out more about this great master and the art he created.

The National Gallery of Art

A virtual tour of their exhibit Picasso: The Early Years, 1892 - 1906 is just a click away. From their home page, follow this string: . You will be treated to an overview of the exhibit, and can follow other links on this page to explore the exhibit's picture-laden brochure.

If you want to search for other images of Picasso's works that the Gallery holds, or images of other artists' works, use the Search feature located on every page of this site.

Museo Picasso Virtual

An incredibly breathtaking and comprehensive site, Museo Picasso Virtual, is sponsored by Dr. Enrique Mallen, Department of Modern and Classical Languages at Texas A&M University. Materials available in English, Spanish, French, and Catalan.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile - Picasso links

This page provides a global list of links that will open up Picasso's world to you. Be sure to follow the links to the WebMuseum in Paris and to the site that is identified as the Official Picasso web site for an extensive look at this influential artist's career.

If you're looking for information about Picasso and your curriculum, or arts education in general, try some of these sites:


This site is part of the Getty Education Institute for the Arts's emphasis on arts education. It has comprehensive lesson plans and activity suggestions based both on individual paintings and themes, such as celebration. A must-see!


This Kennedy Center site is another must-see site for arts educators.

World Wide Arts Resources

You can link from this site to a number of art-related destinations on the web, including ArtDaily, purported to be the first art newspaper on the web.

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