Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain on October 25, 1881. The exhibition of his early career focuses on the years 1892 -1906, from age 11 to age 25. What world events were part of those years? Take a look.


Picasso is eleven years old

    Pearl Buck is born
    Claude Monet begins painting what became known as his Rouen Cathedral series
    Queen Lilioukalani of Hawaii overthrown Colorado allows women to vote for the first time, although general suffrage is years off
    Franz Kafka is born
    Aspirin is invented
    Sino-Japanese War
    Coxeys Army marches on Washington
    A strike against the Pullman Company brings US transportation to a standstill
    First steel-framed skyscraper built in Chicago


Picasso's sister Conchita dies from diphtheria
Picasso accepted into the senior course at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona
At the Prado during summer vacation, Picasso sees the works of Velasquez and Goya for the first time
Picasso, now 14, paints The Young Girl with Bare Feet

    Louis and Auguste Lumiere hold public film exhibitions in Paris


Picasso paints First Communion

    La Boheme premieres
    Custer defeated at the Battle of Little Big Horn A Supreme Court decision in the case of Plessy v. Ferguson states that separate but equal facilities are constitutional
    F. Scott Fitzgerald born
    The Philippines comes under US control


Picasso goes to Madrid to study at the San Fernando Academy of Art
Picasso creates Science and Charity

    William McKinley becomes president Klondike Gold Rush William Faulkner born

Picasso visits la Horta

    Battleship Maine explodes in Havana Harbor
    Spanish American War breaks out
      Battle of Manila Bay
      Battle of San Juan Hill
    Paris Metro opens
    Marie Curie discovers radium


    Ernest Hemingway is born
    Boer War begins


Picasso visits Malaga, the place of his birth, for the last time, with his friend Carlos Casagemas
Picasso's first art exhibition at Els Quatre Gats in Barcelona
Picasso creates La Moulin de la Galette
Picasso's First trip to Paris

    Olympics held in Paris
    Casey Jones dies at the throttle of the Cannonball Express
    US population is 75,994,575
    San Francisco's Chinatown quarantined during a bubonic plague scare


Picasso's Blue Period begins; he paints The Absinthe Drinker, The Death of Casagemas, Child Holding a Dove, Le Gourmet, and Portrait of Pere Manach

    First Mercedes built
    President William McKinley assassinated; Theodore Roosevelt takes over the presidency
    First proof that mosquitos carry yellow fever
    Death of England's Queen Victoria
    J.P. Morgan organizes US Steel Corporation


Picasso and friends travel between Paris and Barcelona

    Enrico Caruso's first recordings
    Aswan Dam opens


Picasso paints Tragedy

    Wright Brothers first flight
    Ford Motor Company founded
    Antisemitic pogroms in Russia
    The film Great Train Robbery is released


Blue Period is eclipsed by Picasso's Rose Period
Picasso moves into le Bateau Lavoir in Paris

    Organized automobile racing begins
    Baltimore's Great Fire
    First radio transmission of music (Austria)
    Panama Canal begun


Picasso meets Gertrude and Leo Stein
Picasso creates paramount work of his early career, The Family of Saltimbanques

    Einstein formulates Special Theory of Relativity
    First neon light signs appear
    Body of John Paul Jones is returned to the United States


Picasso's Gosol Summer
Picasso creates his Self-Portrait with Palette

    San Francisco's Great Earthquake and Fire
    Paul Cezanne dies
    Night shift work for women internationally forbidden
    George E. McNeill, the father of the 8-hour workday, dies

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